Hatnua Hakibbutzit Hameuhedet

   See United Kibbutz Movement (Hatnua Hakibbutzit Hameuhedet).

Historical Dictionary of Israel. .

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  • United Kibbutz Movement — (Hatnua Hakibbutzit Hameuhedet)    In 1979, the national conventions of Ihud Hakvutzot Vehakibbutzim and Hakibbutz Hameuhad decided to merge into the United Kibbutz Movement …   Historical Dictionary of Israel

  • Kibbutz — (pl. Kibbutzim)    The kibbutz (a word meaning collective settlement that comes from the Hebrew for group) was a socialist experiment, a voluntary grouping of individuals who hold property in common and have their needs satisfied by the commune.… …   Historical Dictionary of Israel

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